Suburban Life Goals


I wanted to make an image about my take on how I see Suburban life and the women who embrace it as a life goal . It's funny when I made this image in school, a few people in my class took it completely wrong.  They thought I was glorifying a lifestyle when in fact I was mocking it.  The 50's housewife was my inspiration for this image.  I was thinking about how we as women and even men, are expected to obtain all of the things on the list (in the photograph) in order to achieve happiness.   I was not trying to show this as a form of happiness, but rather mock the fact that some people think this is all there is to obtain in life or they haven't achieved anything.  If you notice nothing else is on the checklist ,but the expression shows that I'm waiting to check these things off and dreaming of the things to come. 

I wanted to  mock this suburban life bubble and the way that we are made to feel by society that if we haven't achieved these certain things in life, then we are somehow failing. If you're not engaged by age 30 you're missing out or are too old, or there is something wrong with you.  You know those women who drive with their stick figure family stickers on their giant vans carting children around to their next play date, but then later resent the fact that they never became much else. Not that I am attacking housewives, it's just that some women take this role on and then complain about it as if they were forced into it. It's as if they thought they would follow 'the plan' and they would be finished.. and happiness would be achieved through a much easier path. While there are exceptions to the rule, and some are made happy solely by raising children.. it's the idea that you haven't made it in life if you don't have these things. Some of us do not want children and some people are okay without being married.. newsflash, some of us want these things but also have real life goals and passions we want to pursue.

In the end you can have those things and at the end of the day it's meaningless, if you have no love, if you have no passion, if you have no deeper connections in life.  Why are we made to feel badly for not getting engaged, why are we made to feel like we have failed in life if we don't own a house..? It's an image that I made to question the suburban idea and show how shallow it is.  This idea doesn't only apply to women, men are also made to feel they have to provide, support and reach certain goals or they have failed. 

I wanted to make an image that reflects the shallowness of the suburban culture and hopefully I have communicated this idea in the end.  Everyone reads images differently so all I can do is put my thoughts out there.